Pool - Issues to Consider

Pool - Issues to Consider

When considering swimming pool landscaping, one of the chief points of interest is the creation of privacy. Relaxing in a pool of water can be ruined with the thought of peeking neighbors.

Swimming pools are typically enclosed by fences for the sake of not only privacy, but safety. A sturdy fence is integral for keeping neighborhood children from wandering into the pool area when an adult is absent. Since an unsightly fence can spoil the aesthetics of a pool area, strategically placed plants are recommended for hiding.

Before you hastily head out to buy a shrub or climbing vine to hide your pool fences or give your pool area some privacy, research the types of plants you would like to include. If a plant is deciduous, it will rid itself of leaves which may go into your pool (adding extra maintenance work). Messy evergreen and pines not only clutter your pool, but leave your pool area barren and exposed in the winter.

One thing to consider is planting a living wall around your pool fence, a decision that will solve the problem of open gaps and pool accenting. Shrubs that are actually more pleasing to the eye in their loose and natural (un-maintained) state are a great option for this fencing area. If you lean more toward structure and strong lines, choose a boxwood hedge that is hardy and fairly easy to grow.

Another factor that plays into swimming pool privacy is a gazebo or pergola. A structure of this sort not only takes into account privacy, but brings a sense of either opulence or coziness (depending on how large or ornate the gazebo). Shade and privacy are further achieved when vines and shrubs are planted around the gazebo or pergola.

Entertaining is another issue to consider when deciding on how to landscape your pool area. Making the most of a pool area includes accounting for a patio area for lounging and barbequing, tables and chairs for dining and a bar area for social events. Inside your pool fence, a great way to decorate the patio area is to put around an assortment of pots with summer annuals growing. Your pool area should feel tropical and lighthearted with the aid of a little bright flora here and there.

What a luxury a swimming pool is for you and your loved-ones to enjoy. Try to maximize your investment by considering low-maintenance, privacy enhancing and beautifying landscape elements!