Landscape Design Samples

Landscape Design Samples

There are a plethora of landscape designs, each type conveying its own distinct functionality, mood and panache. We shall examine each design to flesh out its purpose, history and various manifestations.

ROCK GARDENS are achieved by strategically placing a mixture of boulders, medium rocks and smaller stones to bring about an artfully rugged atmosphere. This sample of landscape design is best applied to sloping properties such that the various tiered rocks don't eclipse one another. To give the landscape design an organic look, the rocks are taken from around the region. So as not to overgrow and cover the rocks, low reaching perennials are typically chosen for the rock garden landscape design. Again, pick hardy plants for your climate.

WATER GARDENS have become among the most popular among landscape designers in recent years. This particular sample of landscape design employs water features and live fish to speckle a garden landscape with fascinating points of interest. Additional features such as anchored aquatic plants and barrels endow the landscape with an exotic flair that traditional landscapes are without.

FORMAL GARDEN landscapes, also termed English gardens, mirror the highly structured style of landscape design that reached its popularity peak in the Victorian era. Scrupulously defined flower beds and impeccably trimmed hedges combine to create a regally rigid sample of landscape design.

ASIAN ZEN GARDEN landscapes are one of most singular samples of landscape design, largely due to their uniformity and simplicity. On a miniature scale, Zen garden landscapes traditionally reproduce natural landscapes. Typical materials such as sand, various stones and gravels fleck the Zen garden landscape and transport a visitor to another world. Mosses, Bonsai trees (miniature tree), and bamboo plants are all staples of this landscape.

Although it is not formally recognized as a style of landscaping, ECLECTIC landscape design is becoming more and more popular. This outlandish landscape design thrives in the designer's free creativity and unique expression. Any assortment of object is used to accent the plant terrain. Even a collection of old brass headboards can transform itself into a garden fence or trellis. The charm of the ad hoc is found in copper wire bent into charming garden insect posts. Artsy mosaic tiles may adhere to wooden cable spools to form provincial garden tables. Statuary of all breeds may stud this eclectic landscape design. The miscellaneous has an accepted and celebrated home in this sample of landscape design.

Whatever the design, your landscape layout should project something within you to the outside world. Let visitors gaze into your fancy and come away with their own imaginative notions each time they step inside your landscape garden!