Home vs. Commercial Landscaping

Home vs. Commercial Landscaping

Once you have made the decision to spruce up your property with landscape design, you won't regret it, particularly when you see the potential 15% property value increase! Not only will you reap the benefits when you sell your home, but during your habituation, the unique and picturesque landscaping will keep you and your family relaxed, content and centered whether you play, host a garden party or simply take in the stars on a porch swing on a summer night.

To begin the landscaping process, you must decide whether you are truly dedicated to "landscaping-it-yourself" with household wisdom or whether you would rather hire a commercial landscaper to professionally design your yard. As long as you have ample time to research, map out a design plan for your property and educate yourself about optimal plant conditions (including sunlight and precipitation), then get set for the project of a lifetime!

It is important to note, however, that home landscaping entails quite a bit of hauling plants and architectural elements. This gritty, manual labor may not physically suit you or the time concerns and/or physical demands of your regular occupation.

If the potential risks involving time and effort of "landscaping-it-yourself" have led you to choosing a commercial landscape design company, here are a few advantages to consider:

One initial and obvious advantage to hiring a commercial landscape designer is that your free time will be spared. You won't have to suffer the carting of shrubs and digging--instead you need simply enjoy the end benefits of lingering in the edenic yard with friends and family.

A second advantage is that a commercial landscape designer is already equipped with extensive knowledge about plant types, shrubs, trees and perennials that will enjoy a hearty livelihood in your home landscape environment. This fact will obviate the possibility of failed plantings and replacement costs.

Another bonus of hiring a commercial landscaper is that technical issues will be taken into account before the project is underway. Above and below ground utilities must be marked as well as property lines that factor into landscaping space and future plant growth. There are a number of points to consider--while a Mulberry tree indeed provides shade, its overgrowth may damage the neighbor's roof or its roots crack the neighbor's septic system. A reputable landscape design professional can see potential red flags of this sort before immersing himself in the process.

If these potential hazards have not deterred you from the dream of landscaping your own yard, then landscape away! There are a number of reliable landscape companies that provide consulting services but don't intrude in the actual process. If along the way you realize that you bit off more than you can chew, don't delay in hiring a distinguished landscape design company. Commercial landscape professionals may in fact save you money in the end by avoiding costly risks you are not trained enough to note.