Landscape Designing

Landscape Designing

The perfect union of form and function is landscape designing. The aesthetic of your outdoor environment can also enhance how you live and function within those exterior surroundings. With a clever landscape design, one will hardly be able to discern the point at which form melts into function. Now let's examine how landscape design can be applied to your property.

Developing a solid landscape plan is quite a task. First, a landscape design professional will scope out your property and design a general plan according to the layout of the space and the personal taste you have conveyed through speaking with the designer. When you and the landscape design professional have come to terms with a basic landscaping plan, then the second phase of choosing plants, materials and architectural elements will begin.

Knowledge of the region in which you live is essential to the landscape design process, particularly as plants are climate specific. Tropical orchids, for example, would not survive in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Choose plants that will thrive in your zone as well as bring visual enhancement year round. Planning for season change is essential to any landscape design--the beauty of blooming bulbs in April should never be eclipsed by the eyesore of shriveled flora in the fall. So take heed to design your landscape around climate change.

Landscape design can also rely on the strategic placement of plantings to create organic borders or divisions between parts of your yard. A wind break is formed with a neat row of evergreens that also provide privacy. A child's play zone can be shaped with a small privet hedge that deters the rug-rats from stopping on delicate outer portions of the landscape.

Any highly skilled landscape design professional is able to use architectural elements to augment a landscape design plan; architectural elements raise the caliber of any design plan considerably. Strategic positioning of water elements, such as ponds, waterfalls, and fountains, also enhance the visual effects. Bench swings and trellises create functional leisure space in your landscape.

When the planting and construction are completed, the resulting beautiful landscape of your property will be well worth the wait!