Do-It-Yourself Tips

Do-It-Yourself Tips

Do-it-yourself landscapers can end up with impressive and successful projects for their outdoor space with a few helpful tips and suggestions.

Tip #1 - Be sure to use plants that are recommended for your geographic zone to ensure that the plants will grow to their fullest potential.

Tip #2 - Take into consideration the size of the plants, the rate at which they grow and how much volume they will take up in your yard. Many do-it-yourself landscapers neglect to think of the future of their plants.

Tip #3 - Don't forget to confirm the sun and shade requirements for all the plants in your yard; the correct levels of sun and shade are essential to plant health.

Tip #4 - Account for the maintenance needed for the plants you choose--some landscape plants are designed to be low maintenance while others plans entail constant care. Plants with a slow growth rate and a small watering requirement are easy to maintain.

Tip #5 - Design focal points for your landscape. Consider where you would like a viewer's eye to travel. Gazebos or large groupings of plants catch the eye more than low growing plants and dull hued flowers.

Tip #6 - Think over the pathways leading to and around your property. Allowing for two people on a walkway is a nice touch for visitors to your home. Slender walkways are not as welcoming, particularly for the elderly.